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Let's bring your web presence to life!

Custom, modern web solutions for your life and business.

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to your world.
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to your world.

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Embracing the modern web

Today, the internet is in our hands. We read it, we watch it, we touch it. We connect with it. But does it always connect with us? A great website stands out from the pack. It's beautiful, interactive, fast, easy to use, and it is not restricted by device, operating system, or screen size.

Your website is the window to your world. We can make it world-class.

At LiveWeb, we believe everyone should have a modern, custom, highly functional, maintenance-free home on the web. It's just that simple. Premium-quality custom web solutions aren't just for large enterprises and corporate brands anymore. Your business deserves the best. We create website solutions to bring smart functionality and real world demands together, and we customize them to accentuate your brand, simplify your user experience, and meet your specific needs.

Making the process easy

We like to think of our process as re-envisioning the wheel. We build core functionality and user experiences specifically designed for professional application, and all based on best practices, modern trends, and lots of research. We then work with individual clients to customize their particular web property using visual demos and thoughtful questionnaires to get it just right. The outcome? More functionality, more flexibility, more affordability, and an amazing end-product.

Modern Today & Modern Tomorrow

Today's online experience is mobile, visual, socially connected, and content-driven.  A responsive design is critical. It allows the website to provide an optimal experience for the user regardless of the device or screen size, and it improves SEO. An interface that encourages unlimited visual content, marketing functionality, and social sharing without sacrificing page real estate or aesthetic appeal is essential for visitors as well as administrators. Content management should be easy and powerful. We understand that a website should be a dynamic marketing machine - not a static billboard. 

We provide a simple, smart and supportive approach to delivering web solutions. Genuine peace of mind comes when you can manage and launch dynamic content with complete ease, have the assurance that the technology is current, site speed and security are rock-solid, compatibility with modern desktop and mobile operating systems and browsers is sound, and backend software is automated, updated, and maintenance-free.

Here are just a few things you'll love.

Beautiful, simple, secure, and alive! We build for today's modern web.

Custom Built

Professional customization to meet your style, your business needs, your culture. From design to functionality, we'll capture it.

Full Responsiveness

Custom responsive design to ensure layout, features, and functionality adjust to the appropriate display size for the best user experience.

Interactive Elements

Touch, hover, click, scroll, tab, slide. Programmed interactions improve user experience and mobile seamlessness.

Dynamic Content

An amazingly simple, yet powerful content management solution, customized for your specific content control needs.

Video Flexibility

Designed to allow easy use of video for full-screen backgrounds, blog posts, pages, or anywhere. Videos are fully responsive.

Managed Hosting

Enterprise-grade performance and speed, auto daily backups, security compliance, and 99.9% uptime.
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