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Content Guide

Content is the most important element of any website. Your static page content, including information, descriptions, bios, calls-to-action, images, videos, and resources make up the foundation of your web presence. We will build or customize your website around your content, ensuring that the user experience is optimal, regardless of the device used.

Because it is a significant factor in the price of your website solution, a common and affordable approach is to collaborate on the content development. We receive from you all of the written and visual content that you can provide at the start of the process (firm information, attorney bios, practice areas, firm differentiators, selling points, testimonials, statistics, recognition, accolades, headshots, office images, city images, videos, etc.). We will then write, create or obtain any additional content that is needed, revise and optimize it to be compelling and search-friendly, and then design/customize your website around the content.

You can submit your content via email. A Word document is preferred for written content, and image and video files can be sent in a zip (compressed) file. If you have any questions or concerns around submitting content, please let us know.

For those interested in adding the core content to the website yourself later, we can include demo content, so that you can easily add and edit through the CMS (Content Management System). Additionally, you will always be in control of your content, and can always edit or launch new, dynamic content via the CMS, right on the live pages!

Content Examples

To start, think about the pages that you will want in your website (Home, Practice Areas, Attorneys, etc.). Each page will include visual and copy elements. Below are questions and recommendations to help you provide relevant information to develop your content. Keep in mind, we will revise (rewrite if necessary) and optimize all of the content before launching the website, so don't get too caught up in grammar or other imperfections. We will also create or obtain content for pages or elements for which you do not have adequate content.

Questions to answer:

Does your firm use a slogan, tagline or primary marketing headline (short & introductory)?
Does your firm have a mission or vision statement?
Do you use terms that define your firm’s culture, core beliefs, or personality?
How many years of experience does your firm have?
Why should a prospective client choose your firm?
What differentiates your firm or legal services from others?
In a few sentences can you explain “What” you do & "How" you help clients?
What is your firm’s success rate? Would you like it utilized on the website?
Provide a detailed description of expertise and experience in each of the listed practice areas:
Are you active in your local community? Can you share examples?
List any professional associations and/or legal memberships your firm is affiliated with, including Bar Associations, etc.:
Can you provide favorable client testimonials?
Have you been featured in the media, and do you have access to the articles, videos, etc.?
What resources would you like to include in your website for visitors to access (videos, external links, articles, documents)?
List any offers you use to engage potential clients (Free Consultation, Affordable Payment Plans, Credit Cards Accepted, etc.)

Important characteristics and attributes to include or consider:

Always responsive in our communication / Accessible
Work with a single point of contact / Personal service
Honest and courteous
Full service law firm
Proven results
Outstanding track record and client testimonials
Lifelong community member
Excellent relationships and reputation in the local legal community
Making you a priority / Limited number of concurrent cases
Aggressive in fighting for you
Courtroom experience and strength

What to include for individual attorney bio pages:

Office Information
Phone/Fax/Email Address
Practice Areas Handled
Experience Summary
Career Highlights
Notable Cases, Trials or Outcomes
Professional Activities & Memberships
Military Experience
Community Activities & Memberships
Awards & Honors
Languages Spoken
Published Works
Personal Information

Examples of visual content:

Branding images and logos
Images or videos of your attorneys, including headshots for profile pages

Images of your office(s)
Images of your local community
Videos of TV or internet advertisements

Please keep in mind that you must have the legal right to use any images or videos that you provide us. High-resolution images are highly preferred to maintain the professionalism of the website. All visual content will be optimized and will never slow down your website.